Honest Hearts

We first saw The Lake Poets  in a Middlesbrough teashop, yes there is such a thing, in spring 2012

Immediately we knew that this was a rare talent.

We saw them again last Saturday as headline act for the Evolution Emerging event in Newcastle. It was enhanced by Gallery Circus  featuring on the same stage. (Yes they do make that sound with just a guitar and drums).

Both stand out in any company, unique, captivating and memorable, and we cannot understand why either or both are not yet major acts. That TLP, in particular, are uncompromisingly North Eastern, despite having a sound that could make millions in Nashville, might have something to do with it. Were Martin a minor public school drop out or performed with his “sons” I am sure he would be a household name.

Putting self-interest aside I hope both “break” speedily and decisively and here is one excellent reason why:


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