Resignation Issue?

At its inception I had a phony disagreement with Richard Miller, then at the LAPG, about Peer Review. Reviewers should not “collaborate” with the LSC I suggested, Richard encouraged good legal aid lawyers to participate and make this “gold standard” of assessment fair and reasonable.

Since then it has become apparent that this is not as golden as it was described. It has also transformed from a routine element of quality assessment into a “risk management tool”. We have seen a recent rash of failed reviews, which can at best be described as harsh. We became aware of more file requests yesterday and it is promised as an element of the proposed Crime Duty Contracts.

A recent chat with a panel member also confirms that none of the regular consistency training and background maintenance is taking place.

It is therefore a scheme which is not fit for purpose and is open for capricious misuse by the LAA.

Given all the above is it not time for Peer Reviewers to resign en masse?

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