Back in the office and e-portal related issues predominate. Mental Health/Community Care verification deadline approaches and so (re) learning how to attach a supervisor declaration or a scanned LS MHT accreditation certificate awaits you. Crime Own Client 2015 Contract grants are coming through – we cannot discern the pattern so do not panic if you […]

Wonderful, Wonderful 

It might be a lean week here because, as indicated below, I am off to Copenhagen for a few days. Something major is therefore bound to happen. Play nicely.

Funny Little Frog 

Earlier this year we got to see the Manics and Elbow within a 4-day period. It’s a year in which we have been blessed with wonderful, chance live music scheduling. Another such lucky streak starts today. Tonight we get to see the wonderful John Grant again, in Leeds. (Here he is in Iceland with the […]

Too Cool 

I have not, as yet had a chance to look at the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013 in any detail. They seem to impose a mandatory “cooling off period” on initial instructions. We urge you to read what TLS are saying however and we are certainly not going to second guess their advice. We also understand […]

Public Service Announcement 

Section 3(b) of the Mental Health Supervisor declaration asks the following Representation on 5 MHT case files in the previous 12 months: The supervisor is required to provide 3 things; the client name/file ref, the area of knowledge and the date work ceased. In a question specifically asking for examples of MHT representation saying  Jones, […]

My Silver Lining 

First Aid Kit are back with a new album “Stay Gold” and a much bigger sound and production. Some “purists” are uneasy about that, I am not it is excellent. How 2 young women from Stockholm so effortlessly do Americana is beyond me – we get to see them in the RA Hall later in […]

Another JRS FAQ 

I’ve answered the question, “Do I need to go on a Supervisor Course now?” 3 times this week. This is clearly an issue which is troubling people. Here, therefore, is my answer to a wider audience. There 3 ways you can meet the requirements of Section 2 of the supervisor declaration, “Generic Supervisor Requirements”. We […]

Whats Going On? 

I have no idea what has been going on in Birmingham schools and do not propose to speculate. I do however find myself pondering the following features. Targeted inspection/audit on the basis of hearsay evidence. Multiple concurrent “investigations” A supposedly independent audit/inspection agency, seemingly far too close to ministers. Wildly contradictory findings made over a […]

Stat Attack 

Now this is interesting, well to me anyhow. It is not event the main issue, “gearing” firms for profit by using paralegals, which caught my eye. No my attention was drawn to TLS benchmarking evidence provided to the Civil Justice Council, in particular the annual chargeable hours per fee earner. This they set at 1,100 […]

Me At The Museum, You At The Winter Gardens 

I heard this for the first time on Radcliffe and Maconie’s 6 Music show yesterday. It is one of those utterly stunning new songs from an unheard of artist, Tiny Ruins which leaves you immediately bewitched. Hope it has a similar impact upon you.