Return of the Hat

If true that probation staff are to be selected for privattisation “out of a hat”  it is as ludicrous and disgraceful as it is unsurprising.

“The hat” was the random selection mechanism of choice at the LSC for a quite a while. Perhaps they have begun to influence wider policy at the MoJ.

If it is not a shiny topper, set at a jaunty angle it is, of course, unlawful.

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2 comments on “Return of the Hat

  • I suspect The Hat will be getting another unveiling for the Duty Provider Tenders….

    Whilst on the subject, I always suspected that the LSC’s mysteriously-named ‘Audit Precision Tool’ for selecting CCA file samples was just, you’ve guessed it, The Hat.

  • The Hat would be a more rational and cost effective method that that proposed.

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