The State We Are In

I do sometime wonder, because I write pieces like this, if we get especially punished by LAA operational problems. Then I speak to our clients and they face much the same and my paranoia subsides.

In any event I try and keep this type of post to a minimum; I know it is not really news and that you experience it daily.

We have however, on instructions, been contesting a £12 disbursement for Court ordered colour photocopying. LAA say “administrative overhead”, client says “no it isnt this is not mainstream photocopying” – we tend to agree. As the argument has dragged out for over 3 months, on a £30K+ HCCP, I think the clients will take our initial advice today and simply forget about it.

The last time I spoke on the same platform as a LAA spokesperson his constant refrain to questions was – “It might be only XXX to you but if you multiply that by XXX claims a year it comes to a gazillion pounds”.

 “If you look after the pennies….” indeed

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