Fear of Falling 

We are an act down for tomorrow night – have I time to learn how to murder this I Am Kloot gem? (Going to make everyone do one sight-read, unrehearsed number I think)

Lost in Translation 

Been one of those weeks when I have had my head in various versions of legal aid contracts – civil & criminal, old, very old and new. Apart from the difficulty in accessing current versions on the relocating LAA website it is the ever present problem of “interpretation”. If you have had any recent close–up interaction […]

What Have We Become? 

I have just had a phone question from a client terrified of making a mistake with their monthly reporting. It basically involved which of 2 potential Police Station fees to claim – answer, the one at which the first attendance took place (CBAM 5.8.5). This was what they intended to claim but wanted to make […]

Walk Me To The Bridge 

We have listened to “Futurology”, the astonishing new album from the Manics, back-to-back, 3 teatimes running. I have loved this track since they debuted it live but frankly I could have picked anything, it really that good a CD. In the year of the 20th anniversary of “Holy Bible”  it is impossible for the lyrics […]


Here is another in the growing list of cases where LAA, LF1 determinations regarding “electronic evidence” and PPE have successfully been appealed. It is also a pretty good summation of the issues involved, with the cross quote from R v Jalibaghodelehzi (354/13) providing the killer punch. My thinking on their cynical assessment practice has not […]


Not much under a year ago we commented upon the issue of Magistrates Court Standard Fees for “stand alone breaches”. We have a couple of queries in recent days, one of who indicated that a firm local to him had “had a right doing over by the LAA on the point”. Our view remains as […]

Summer Holidays 

Andy and Steve away. Seemingly a new round of retrospective family cost audits. Supervisors on holiday. A near full list of appeal deadlines. Sorry guys it is going to be thin week of posting here I think.

Big Society? 

Here is the latest Judicial comment on Legal Aid in the post LASPO world. This is contained in paras 61 -63. They are coming think and fast. An ill or unconsidered decision to refuse, on pretty much any issue, is pretty much standard from the LAA nowadays. Here legal aid was refused for a 3 […]

Training Plan 

I am once again left scratching my head and weighing up 2 alternatives: Either does the LAA, crack cost assessment team not know Contract, CBAM and the PoP manual or Do they deliberately and dishonestly nil assess files knowing they are doing so contrary to all relevant provisions. In either eventuality management at the LAA […]

Legal Aid Rates 

I have had a couple of requests for the latest, reduced, rates in Criminal legal aid. So here is where you can find them