Magic Wand? 

I currently spend a good part of most days assisting firms with operational issues. Generally this does not require a vast legal aid brain – rather the problems stem from the increasingly impregnable bureaucracy that is the LAA and the fact that their website is even less user friendly. Consequently an issue which, once-upon-a-time, would […]

Back to the ePortal 

A couple of rounds of bidding have been announced – to be completed before the end of the year. First up is Family Mediation – with the round opening this week and closing at the end of October. The essential requirement is to have a fully accredited Mediation Supervisor, the remainder, such as applying for […]

Exam Question 

Compare and contrast: Cameron’s “Family Test” Legal Aid and representation in family courts Guess the answer is that the latter are not “staying together” so don’t really count as a family and don’t really matter.

Be Warned 

Mountain of Family Legal Help files to review so no time for a substantive post. It does however suggest that another round of LAA assessment of long billed files is underway.

She’s Not Me 

Sorry we have missed a couple of Friday Songs. By way of a make up I have chosen this by Jenny Lewis. She was the former singer with Rilo Kiley a band always just on the edge of my radar thanks to regular appearances on the free sample CDs which came with the much missed […]

Competition Time 

Most of the LAA section of the MoJ website has now migrated to GOV.UK. This appears to be the new “front page” – you might want to bookmark the link. The decision to go with a “human face of the LAA” approach is an interesting one – one not replicated here, a photo of someone […]

A Return Update 

I am back after a week away and very little seems to have changed. I missed the social medial interaction over the JR and only have a summary understanding of how that went. Be interested to here any of your views. We now await the outcome. Elsewhere the 2015 Duty Contract preparation seems not to […]

2015 Duty Bids Explained (not) 

There was a further release of information about the forthcoming 2015 Duty Contract bid round yesterday. First up was a selection of “indicative duty rotas” designed to demonstrate the level of cover bidders, and their delivery partners, will be required to have. They have gone for a more convoluted pattern than I, but not Andy, […]

Legal Aid Cuts “Damaging” for Children 

This story is hardly news and will doubtless summarise your experience of the post LASPO world. The headline says it all. Two things stand out however. First Dave Cameron’s recent restatement of his “Family Test” (yes he has used this PR stunt before ) His main point: “parents and children were too often overlooked and could […]

Evidence Not Required 

I have had another phone conversation with a firm still confused over legal aid for Domestic Violence cases and the need for evidence of domestic violence for other family private law matters. You do not need evidence of DV to grant legal aid in a DV case. You can represent alleged perpetrators too – provided […]