Time Shows Fools 

Another favourite Justin Townes Early has a new album out (slipped me by in September). Stripped back and a bit blusier than his more recent stuff but none the worse for that.

Lifelong Learning 

MoJ spending – or rather the lack of it on Legal Aid – has been the political, and legal, battle of the year. There have been a range of counter arguments to cuts, the main one being it is a false economy as it just increases costs elsewhere, In addittion a central negotiation tactic has […]

Oh A Webinar Special! 

I am preparing my presentation for Friday’s CLSA conference. As ever this involves a period of reflection on the experiences since the last one; what has change, what have we learned are things getting better or worse? I am not going to offer any plot spoilers for those of you attending the event, but I […]

Plan B 

A judicial appointment seems to be an increasingly popular alternative to the stresses and strains of private practice. The 2014/15 Deputy District Judge (Civil) competition is just about to start. If this is something you are even just pondering why not have a look at what friend of this site Tim Collins can do to […]

Low Value Theft 

This comes as welcome news from our friends at the CLSA. How to bill a low value theft, Cat 1A or 1B, has been a regular phone query in recent weeks. I suspected that people were advice shopping for a positive “yeah go on bill it as either way” answer. We, as ever, urged caution, […]

In Sorrow 

I am going to say no more about this story than express our sadness. We wish all affected our best wishes for their futures and for improved health. UPDATE Here is a further story in TLS Gazette  


As you know I spend a lot of time on the phone counseling angry lawyers about the nature of a Contract Notice. I use phrases such as “they chuck them around like confetti” to characterize their essential pointlessness. Obviously I provide the more detailed and technical justification for this claim but stick with humour to […]

Don’t Panic 

A couple of clients have contacted us concerning a possible “Nationwide Anti Money Laundering audits of Law firms”. This follows a couple of LS Gazette articles on the subject. Unless you are a “high risk firm” it seems unlikely you will face too much scrutiny – Though you should obviously have functioning procedures with which […]

Friday Song: Twisterella Special 

No more editorial just thanks again to The Kids are Solid Gold and Pay for the Piano. No reveiw – enjoyed them all. Here is just what we saw – many of which you may have come across here before – other bands were available. The Lake Poets Sweet Baboo Lilliput Eliza and the Bear […]

Spot the Difference 

Have a look at these JRS Website – 30/7/14 Law Society Gazette – 13/10/14 We just like to think we are that bit ahead of the game.