Everything today comes with a corporate sponsor, from the latest reruns on Dave to world class sport. This usually involves declarations of the “pride” felt with their involvement or the “passion” they feel for the event. At heart, of course, these are little more than cold marketing decision – unless of course it comes with a ticket to the final.

Aside from the occasional stall at a CLSA doo there is little of this in our small and esoteric world. Likewise our brand marketing strategy involves doing a good job and garnering word of mouth recommendations and not much else.

Last weekend however, and for the first time, we sponsored an event – the Twisterella Festival in Middlesbrough. There was no champagne reception with the Mayor (praise be), velvet roped VIP areas and cannot really have improved our “brand visibility”.

It was however a fantastic event, brilliantly executed with which we are genuinely proud to be associated

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