Weekend Musings

This week I have mostly been dealing with Family Legal Help self-verification and audits. You can imagine all this entails.

Yesterdays experience was a painful one with the sample ending up 80% voided – albeit on a commercial basis, “it will cost us more to battle this out than to give in now”. This was undoubtedly true, add in the lottery that is the ICA appeal procedure and the decision was made.

This experience will, of course, soon be a thing of the past as so little family controlled work remains in scope. What there is, especially Family Help Lower (Public Law) is pretty fireproof in any event – PLO letter, no means test, home and dry.

There is also an argument that anything else is not worth the time spent in assessing and verifying means and finally billing it on the massively overcomplicated CWA system.

TFI Friday as they say

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