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Getting stuck into my first Peer Review appeal for a short while. I will spare you the detail suffice it to say this is a perfectly “industry standard” sample which is beyond doubt threshold competent.

The scheme, then described as the Gold Standard of quality assessment has certainly become tarnished in recent years. For a while now it has been demoted to a risk management tool – though you rarely get an explanation as to what the objectively assessed risk is. More often it seems as if it has been undertaken just to give the reviewers something to do. Whatever – it is not a mainstream assessment tool as the LAA have moved firmly away from assessment of quality. It is just bad luck if you get chosen.

What is most striking here is that the standard being applied seems even higher despite the actual and real reduction in remuneration which has taken place since 2005. There is a strong and simple case that the scheme as originally envisaged is now a fish out of water. In any event you are clearly expected to deliver a Rolls Royce service on a Skoda budget.

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