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A former boss was once asked by a Government minister; “Do you think you have been doing his job for too long?”

It is a question I often ask myself – usually with an affirmative answer.

Today I am dealing with issues relating to 3* top notch firms. Back in the days of franchising they were the type of firms from which the LAB was desperate to solicit applications. Today they have developed into variants of the ideal legal aid suppliers envisaged at that time.

All are now dealing with major issues essentially “artificially” created to effect potential recoupments. One suspects that LAA front line staff know and are unhappy with this, but are unable to whistleblow, for obvious reasons. And yet even basic human courtesy in the ways which they are treated is lacking.

I do hope that at least one of them gets really angry and makes a stand.

*make that 4 since I started typing.

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