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Yesterday was perhaps one of the strangest days I have had in the lifetime of JRS. There was the usual bunch of ongoing appeals, probing about the Duty Contract bid round and “quick questions” over the phone. In addition however were some weightier matters such as Judicial Apportionment in Crown Court cases* and advice on one of the largest single file, cost reductions we have ever come across. Chuck in seemingly peculiar changes to civil applications on the CCMS and it was a far from bog a standard day.

To top it off a client rang late on to say thanks for a successful Peer Review “appeal”. Nothing too peculiar about that, we do win them from time to time. This was one however when I had told the firm they had no chance and they were wasting their money instructing me – better to prepare for the second assessment in 9-months time. Sometimes even we drop our “appeal, appeal, appeal” mantra, and it seem that when we do we are wrong. Such is the “through the looking glass” world in which we live.

*We last raised this in December 2013 and firms are still falling into this trap. Do subscribe to Crimeline Complete  – this is covered at section 19.2 of Keogh on Criminal Costs.


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