Swimming Lessons

Remember doing your personal survival swimming badges at school? If you don’t, one element was to tread water with an impromptu life jacked made from a pair of wet pajama bottoms.

Yep, that’s what this interminable Duty Contract bid round feels like and I am just about keeping my head above the water.

You too may be feeling the same – certainly the “enthusiasm” to complete Tiebreak and Award Criteria questions seems to be waning. Even if you cant summon up the energy to attack these essential elements of the bid there is still some simple prep you can do.  If you want our help in submitting your bid this will help us no end.

A similar degree of apathy seems to have crept into SQM/Lexcel preparation. Here, however, you can be absoloutly certain that you will have to achieve one or the other before the start of your Own Client Contract. Todays public service announcement is therefore – get a move on.

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