Code Breakers

Last year we wrote some appeal representations for a client. Unusually the LAA conceded the point without demur. (We think their policy is always to send them to an ICA even if only in the chance of a, far to frequent, perverse decision).

Perhaps even more surprisingly the firm received an explanation, verging on an apology, as to the why the original determination had been changed. To be honest we thought this seemed implausible and so it proved to be; within 2 weeks the very same CM had made exactly the same flawed determination again. He, not surprisingly, go somewhat shirty when we pointed out this inconsistency in subsequent appeal representation.

A year on the same CM is back at it using the very same arguments he used before our very first retort.

How can that be?

 Failing memory?

Are CM’s being strong-armed by management to make decisions they know are wrong?

Are they on recoupment bonuses and prepared to do anything for the money?

Whatever it is surely a breach of the Civil Service Code

Is it time for someone to take a stand and make a complaint on this basis?

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