No S*$% Sherlock

The Gazette, and a couple of commenters, consider the reasons for a 27% drop in the number of private law family cases in the Courts compared to last year.

As our headline indicates we think the obvious, initial conclusion drawn by Robert Hush, the chair of the Law Society family law committee is incontrovertible; it is down to Legal Aid cuts isn’t it.

Whether this is an unforeseen consequence or the deliberate, anticipated outcome is not clear – though you’d have to work hard to convince me of the former.

One commenter speculates that it might involve more negotiated solutions now the state is not picking up the litigation costs, of which I am deeply skeptical.

Even if that were even partly true however what of those unable to achieve such a settlement? It seems equally incontrovertible that there are children in the UK denied contact with both their parents because of legal aid cuts. This must surely represent a clear example of the  “two nations justice system” the LC wants, urgently, to reform.

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