The Audit Tales

First in a series of interconnected stories from the frontline of cost audits.

I am, as ever, working on a number matters covering all ages of an appeal; initial advice on prospects to proposed JR. Over the next few posts I am going to go try and give you a feel for the madness currently involved in this process.

My clients face a number of nil assessments on the basis, and I paraphrase, that “instructing Counsel is out of scope” – obviously this finding is completely wrong.

A week or so later the very same auditor* allowed an identical claim, on another firms audit, though accurately questioned the way Counsels fees were claimed.

Trying to rationalise how 2 such decision can be made will drive you mad.

Is it incompetence, inconsistency, ineffective quality control or a mix of all three?

Surely it cannot be either careless or capriciousness?

More to follow.

*In case you are wondering this is not some young, junior auditor but someone who certainly should know better.

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