Well what’s another week of waiting in this massively over-extended Duty Contract fiasco? I simply cannot remember all the delays and could not be bothered to list them if I could.

With litigation pending last weekend the rumor mill started, was the MoJ on the point of a climbdown, and now we have conflicting takes on the MoJs position. As I type Grayling, yes him again, is obfuscating in parliament. The lack of a conclusive answer, to the question – “what the hell is going on?” – might be telling. In any event we will still have to wait and see, and sorry we don’t have any bets on either outcome.

Perhaps the Hackney case in which the LAA have admitted a “transcription error”, has had an impact on their litigation team or its funders. If, even after all the additional “quality assurance” activity, something so basic can result in a winner being replaced by a previous loser, aren’t other “errors” likely to emerge fatally holing their defence? We know they will.

This is idle speculation of course, something this type of delay positively encourages. Whatever the truth of last weekends Twitter storm, and lets hope we find out soon, this has been an epic tale of LAA mismanagement which is not going to be cheap to resolve, wither way.

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