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The details to emerge in this Court hearing, concerning the demise of Blavo and Co. are truly staggering.

I am professionally skeptical of any extrapolated cost-recoupment claim made by the LAA (£600K+ reduced to £2K being my most recent experience of this process). That said the numbers of files provided for assessment – 4 of an initial sample of 1,000 (from, in turn, a total of 23K) superficially sounds damming. They do however seem to have been able to provide other files on other occasions albeit seemingly too late.

Ultimately though, when a High Court Judge concludes that there is a “strongly arguable case” that Blavo was “party to an arrangement whereby false claims were submitted to the LAA in many thousands of cases”, you know your long etched cynicism is going to be sorely tested. And before I go any further, if this is the case then those involved deserve everything which is coming their way.

But here’s the thing – if the LAA claims are correct then this is contract mismanagement, on their part, on a massive scale too. Even if it is proved to be fraud, it is a fraud which has taken place under their financial stewardship. This is a regime which regularly puts our clients through the inquisition over concerns on about 4 contentious files, worth hundreds let alone thousands of pounds. And yes, to quote their current mantra, when those hundreds are multiplied up they become….., well perhaps not multiple millions.

The new “find an advisor” spreadsheet shows 193 mental health providers annually delivering 45K new matter starts (IFA, Feb 14).  Whichever way you look at it a single supplier doing that scale of work must surely cry out for a weather eye?

I have called current LAA micro-management activity many things including corporate bullying. It does rather look like they would rather focus on this than, seemingly, a massive scam perpetrated right under their noses.

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  • Clearly Blavo & Co was the elephant in the LAA living room. Not sure why no one could see the huge hulking object or did they simply avert their eyes. I suspect the answer lies further up the LAA food chain.

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