Another Day, Another JR

With the collapse of 2015 Two Tier contracts a variety of related claims were spawned. One of these grew out of an e-mail contact group we were initially involved. These were successful Duty Contract bidders who had, on that basis, invested in office, staff and other resources to “mobilise” for delivery.

Presumably by way of mitigation the LAA invented a set of rules whereby these firms could gain access to the duty rotas in schemes where they had successfully bid. On application these requests were refused – and so one particularly impacted firm, MK Law, issued proceedings.

Here is the judgment

There are many lessons to learn here, particularly for the LAA and MoJ. I would quickly draw just 2.

You can now only get sense from the LAA by threatening and conducting litigating. You will not get a fair and rational decision, as required under the Civil Service Code, any other way.

When will Government stop funding doomed legal defence of LAA maladministration, obviously using “hardworking taxpayers” money?

I again suggest that this demonstrates the need for the LAA to be dissolved and a new independent agency established in it place.

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