New Year

As ever the chances of a Happy and Prosperous New Year remain in the hands of the MoJ and we remain pessimistic. We wish you one nonetheless.

7 years on from the 3-year 2010 Criminal Contract we finally have a replacement, not dramatically different to that which went before. The intervening years being wasted demonstrating to obstinate civil servants that their fantasy alternatives were just that.

Proper access to civil justice remains a thing of the past, the latest entirely predictable outcome of LASPO only serving to prove our point, yet again. “We told you so” has such a hollow ring.

We are not going to benefit from the “brexit bounty” – if ever that comes to be.

So we continue with the increasingly entrenched warfare that LAA auditing and contract compliance has become.

Slightly more cheerily, we have a couple of interesting developments; an exciting, if still slightly improbable, international project in Dubai and, personally, an even more thrilling experiment. The latter will see me trying to deliver my contribution to JRS services from Spain, for 3-months, in the Spring. If this proves possible who knows what next, if not its back to picturesque Cargo Fleet, Middlesbrough.

I do however intend to maintain this blog a bit more diligently again this year to keep everyone up to date on developments.

Again all the best for 2017 – it cannot be worse than 2016, can it?

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