Abre La Puerta 

We have managed 3 live shows out here in our local music bar (5 mins walk away with excellent Sevillian gin). Two involved very capable covers bands and the third a pretty wild night with Sabor a Calle – singing, standing on the bar etc. – the recorded version is a bit tame by comparison. […]

Ballad of the Dying Man 

This is from Father John Misty’s album “Pure Comedy” – the title track from which I previously posted. Have to say both this and the album are very good and not unlike early Elton John.

“Barbary Coast (later)” 

Back in January I posted “Gossamer Thin” by Conor Oberst. It was from a solo acoustic album called “Ruminations” which I have listened to a lot. He has followed this up with a full band version of the same set of songs called “Salutations”. This is interesting enough on its own, but it is also […]