Bambro Koyo Ganda 

This by Bonobo is another BBC 6 music steal and is absolutely brilliant. The video is great too with the segment with the black kites is like a scene from our Spanish roof terrace in mid April.  

14 Hours 

I have had numerous conversations on the 14-hour rule; the ghostbusting clause in 2017 Crime contract designed to catch out Duty Solicitors not genuinely engaged in at least 2-days “contract work” a week. The reason for this is that the written guidance is far from definitive, even the estimable Crimeline Complete’s attempts to tie this […]

Long Long Road 

By now I would just be doing greatest hits tours, both for the love of it and to top up the pension scheme. Not Mr Weller however and there is no denying it he is still churning out great new stuff.


In late December 2015 Dean parked his company car for about 15 minutes. We subsequently received a demand for excess parking charges. I will spare the detail but it was essentially one of those scams you will have heard about involving private and not local authority enforcement. After a bit of internet research Dean said, […]

King of Spain 

Today we are packing up and tomorrow we start the long, sad trudge back to England. As an experiment Spain has worked, it was just a shame that the civil bid round was put back – much better to be immersed in that here rather than a cold back room in Middlesbrough. This seems vaguely […]

Bid Round Purdah 

I posed the question, on Twitter; will the 2018 Civil bid round be affected by General Election purdah? Well we now have an answer: 2 May 2017: procurement update – civil 2018 contract In light of the announcement that a General Election is to be held on 8 June it has been necessary to revise […]