Secret Squirrel

I have had a number of clients become embroiled in disputes with the LAA over 2017 Contract office requirements, which they are rigidly enforcing. It has even involved Contract Managers playing “Secret Squirrel” and making unannounced visits to branch offices.

Below is a reminder of the main requirements but remember that there are also some other factors such as exclusions on virtual and home based offices.

(a)  satisfy any professional requirements of your regulator and be registered as appropriate; 

(b)  provide you with a constant right of access at any point during Business Hours; 

(c)  be open and accessible to Clients, prospective Clients and other interested parties during normal Business Hours on each Business Day and be permanently staffed by a representative of your organisation (who need not be directly employed by you) for the purpose of arranging appointments and other meetings and where appropriate arranging advice in emergency cases; 

(d)  be able to arrange Client appointments during Business Hours (subject to personnel availability); 

(e)  contain suitable facilities to interview Clients, witnesses and any other persons in a private interview room; 

(f)  contain sufficient infrastructure to enable you to deliver Contract Work; and 

(g)  meet any relevant health and safety standards, quality standards, service standards together with additional standards set out in this Contract. 

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