From The Ashes

We thought we had this fettled in November 14 so I’ve decided to try a different approach:

Sadly due to the passage of time, the ageing process and the shear volume of events of this nature the firm can only recall, rather than definitively confirm, that this appeal was successful. Perhaps the LAA’s records are more complete.

In any event we are required to revisit this issue once more. That the LAA clearly have, once again, reversed their interpretation of contract demonstrates “exceptionality”:

  • There appears to be a diametrically opposed interpretation of contact in play here, between suppliers and the LAA (and perhaps even ICAs)
  • This dispute is of some antiquity – we will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the family fee scheme later in the year albeit that this will be something of a somber affair
  • This is an issue which appears constantly to rejuvenate itself in a way reminiscent of a low quality zombie movie
  • Joking aside it is vital that a line is finally and conclusively drawn under this phoenix like issue

 The examination of oral representation from both parties might, just might, begin a process of reconciliation and healing with benefit to the wider population of legal aid suppliers.

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