Civil Bid Round 2018

After a couple of postponements the 2018 Civil Contract Bid Round now looks set to begin in mid September. At least we should all be back from our summer hols! It will be an 8-week window, however such timetables have a tendency to slip.

All that we know so far is here, you can also follow links to other pages.

To date we have none of the vital information, such as the IFA and the draft Contract, these tend to be released on the first day of the bidding window.

Once again we will be offering a package of support services which will include:

  • Webinar training
  • A completion service
  • A checking service

We have never really given the latter 2 items the hard sell believing that it is within the compass of all firms to make a successful bid, perhaps with an hours guidance from a webinar. Given the experience of the last criminal bid round however we strongly advise utilising at least the checking service. Post bid appeals and challenges to the process are rarely if ever successful and we really hate having to explain that to deeply distressed people.

We cannot price these service as yet as this is entirely based upon how demanding the process looks once we have had a chance to make a full assessment. We do however always try to keep our charges to the minimum. Have a chat with colleagues who we assisted with their recent 2017 Criminal bid round, we think they will confirm pretty good VFM.

If you think you would benefit from a helping hand we have a growing, and already quite long, list of firms who have expressed an interest. If you would like to be added please get in touch.

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