2018 Civil Contract Bid Round

The long awaited Civil Bid round is now open. Bids for mainstream, face-to-face (F2F) contracts, in the following areas are now possible:

  • Family;
  • Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits;
  • Immigration and Asylum (including work at Immigration Removal Centres (“IRCs”));
  • Mental Health;
  • Community Care;
  • Claims Against Public Authorities (formerly known as ‘Actions Against the Police etc’);
  • Clinical Negligence;
  • Public Law;
  • Family Mediation.

The deadline for these bids is 5pm on 10 November 2017.

This will be your last and only realistic chance of gaining a Legal Aid contract this decade.

JRS support services will replicate those successfully provided in previous bid rounds and are as follows.

1-hour Webinar session, 1pm Friday 22nd September – £70 + Vat

This will cover:

  • The “Bid Rules” – that is the requirements of the Information for Applicants for the Selection Criteria (SC) and individual category Invitations to Tender (ITT)
  • A virtual tour of the Bravo Solutions E-portal – on which all bids much be submitted

A Completion Service

A comprehensive hand holding service to consider, prepare and submit your bid. This is delivered by conference call and ensures that your bid(s) will be fully and properly completed. This also includes post bid assistance with verification issues – from recent experience often as demanding and more risky than the bid process itself.

A Checking Service

Essentially an insurance policy designed to ensure that you self-completed bid has properly been completed and will succeed

All of the above can be booked by contacting Jayne on 01624 225553 or via jrs@we-are-jrs.co.uk

Prices for the completion and checking service are based upon the number of office bids and the number of contracts sought and will be provided on a fixed fee basis on application. We have tried to maintain these at the level of previous bid rounds however due to the level of work involved in post bid verification there has had to be a small increase.

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