CRM 12 Time

By now Criminal suppliers should have received the email we reproduce below, from the LAA. Our reading of this is that you only need to submit a CRM 12 if you seek to make amendments to your Duty Solicitor allocations – new DSs, departing DSs and changes between schemes for those with branch offices.

Most importantly the deadline is 6th October 2017 – do not miss this.

Please go to  CRM12: duty solicitor application when moving firm – to download a CRM12 in excel format. Please send completed applications to the above email address in excel format.

We need to receive CRM12 applications from organisations that wish to make amendments to their membership for the January rotas.

You will need to complete and send us a CRM 12 application for new duty solicitors or duty solicitors who will have joined your firm by the start date of the new rotas or where applicable – duty solicitors who have moved office/scheme within your firm by the start date of the new rotas. The CRM12 form also need to include details of any duty solicitors who are to be removed from the membership for your firm.

If this is a first CRM 12 Application, it must be supported by a Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme Certificate which has been issued by The Law Society.

Please email us at before Friday 6th October if a duty solicitor gives notice of leaving or ceases to be engaged by your organisation, or if any of your duty solicitors are under investigation for, or have been charged with a criminal offence.  Duty solicitors are not eligible to be on the new rotas if they are not engaged by your organisation on the start date of the new rotas.

We expect to publish new member’s lists (not rotas) on our website by Friday 13th October 2017 to allow firms to check that their Duty Solicitors are recorded correctly.  We ask that feedback is provided by email only, so that we can keep a record of any issues and amend and respond accordingly to those who raise them. The deadline for us to receive feedback relating to the members lists is Friday 20th October 2017.

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