Festive Opening Hours 

We are about to go on our annual office shutdown. This year starting at lunchtime today, until January 3rd. Simon and Andy will be available on mobiles throughout and the email may occasionally get checked. Do not rely on the latter however and if you have an urgent issue phone contact is highly recommended. For […]

Home Alone Too 

I have added 2 new Xmas songs to my festive playlist this year, “She Came Home for Christmas” by Mew and this from the Staves which has been described as a ‘modern classic’. Have a great one folks.

What Do I Get 

There could only be one choice today. Buzzcocks, and interrelated Magazine, were my favourites of their generation so this is another sad day. Love the video too because that’s what things looked like back then. Thanks Pete.

Unreflective Life 

Sorry I haven’t done one of these for a while. This is from Kiran Leonard’s excellent new album Western Culture. I get that it will not be to everyone’s taste but it is one of the best and most imaginative releases of the year. (He’s on tour and in Newcastle tomorrow night)

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino 

Not that it matters one iota to me, I understand that the Artic Monkeys latest has had a bit of a critical panning. To my mind it’s the best stuff they have done in a long while – here is the title track.

Contracts, Medals and Flowers 

Legal Aid procurement rounds have been going on for years. They have never been hassle free though the most recent Civil round and the “dual contract” Crime debacle of 2015 do stand out as particularly chaotic. Fortunatley we got all our charges safely home last week to great relief. There have, therefore been any number […]

2018 Civil Contract Verification Final, Final Deadline 

Hopefully the chaos that has been 2018 Civil Contract verification will resolve itself by the new final, final deadline on Midnight next Monday, 1/10/18. Here is the LAA communique. If you have ANY outstanding issues, and you want to discuss them with us, please do so asap so that we can get everything ironed out […]

2018 Civil Contract Office Requirements 

Onsite office verification visits are starting, and one client asked for an itemised summary of the requirements, so we thought we would bung it on here too. Most bids require and office with “permanent presence” The Office must be open and physically accessible to Clients and/or members of the public for at least 7 hours […]

This Is My Cue 

We have seen Eliza Shaddad a couple of time now, electric performances on both occasions. I have been waiting on this video appearing in order to post her latest offering from her debut album “Future”. Love it.

Boy With The Arab Strap (E) 

My eldest is 30 and this has its 20th anniversary today. Feeling old. Happy Birthday both. It is also THE most joyous live experience* especially the night they did it at the Sage with a full f**k off orchestra in tow. We have a 30th anniversary to celebrate next year and are really tempted by […]