Leave Alone the Empty Spaces 

Shed a tear that “I Am Kloot” are no more. Then raise a glass to their front man John Bramwell’s excellent new solo effort “Leave Alone the Empty Spaces”. This is a live version of the title track.

Generation L(ost) 

It is a fantastic day for new releases including Belle & Sebastian, The Manics and local Teesside favourites Cape Cub – new singles and EPs available at all the modern outlets. I am going with this however, another 6 Music find, by LA Salami.

Primavera Negra 

On Thursday we begin our second annual migración de primavera. I will be doing my JRS stuff from southern Spain for the next 3 months so don’t be put off by a continental ring tone I am working as usual and am NOT on holiday. To set the tone here is a lovely bit of […]