2018 Civil Contract Verification: An Update

Our interpretation of the LAA’s intent, expressed in in this previous post, appears to be correct.

You seem unlikely to receive further specific, verification messages and are encouraged to commence providing the documentation required in Annex C of the IFA (we reproduce this from the above link):

All Firms

  • Evidence of current Quality Standard – Lexcel or SQM
  • SRA (or other) authorisation – even though existing firms have already provided this as part of the bid
  • Indemnity form – we thought they would provide prepopulated version from your SQ answers, but this appears, on the face of it, not to be the case
  • Supervisor Declaration(s)

New Firms

  • Office details
  • Legal Aid Account number – you need to request an AC1 form to commence this process

Our speculation about indemnity forms was also accurate you can find and download one here, and them must self-complete one.

You have until 20/7/18 to get this right and should request confirmation of success along the way.

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