I haven’t posted anything by him for a while, despite his continuing ability to put out fresh, exciting new material. It is hard to believe it is his 60th birthday and what a legacy of work; from the early days of The Jam, through the (only now fully appreciated) Style Council and onto a vast […]

A Design For Life 

Being apart from friends and family aside, the only real downside to being in Spain is missing Spring and Autumn gigs (festival mania seems to have killed of summer touring). This is compounded when probably your favourite live act, who you have just struck out on, also turn up on “Later”. JRS Oficina Espanol Primavera […]

Bad Bad News 

Leon Bridges is another of 6 Music find I want to pass on. The album it is from, Good Thing, is excellent too.

Lonely In The City 

Have loved the Lake Poets from first contact back in 2012 This, the lead song from the forthcoming (difficult) second album keeps the momentum well and truly going – fantastic.