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We simply have not had time to run advance Webinars on the new 2018 Civil Contract due to the pressure of other areas of immediately demanding work. We hope to do this sometime in September or October but appreciate that this a little after the fact.

We have however been directed to this change in the 2018 Civil Contract by attentive clients and it is something which could result in significant problems at a later date if not considered immediately.

A new section, 2.47 – 51, has been added to the Specification regarding Interpreters and Translators. Most importantly except in exceptional circumstances you may now ONLY instruct “qualified” suppliers:

2.48 Subject to Paragraph 2.50 below you may not instruct an individual to provide interpretation services in connection with Contract Work unless such individual holds at least one of the following qualifications (which must be valid at the time the relevant services are provided):

  • AIT (formerly IAA) – (Asylum and Immigration Tribunal (Immigration Appellate Authority))

  • Basic Interpreting Qualification

  • Community Interpreting Level 2

  • Community Interpreting Level 3

  • Community Interpreting Level 4

  • DPI (formerly Metropolitan Police Test) Unit Pass – (Diploma in Police Interpreting)

  • DPSI (Health) Partial – (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

  • DPSI (Law) Unit Pass – (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

  • DPSI (Local Govt.) Partial – (Diploma in Public Service Interpreting)

  • IND (Home Office) – (Immigration Nationality Directorate)

  • UK Border Agency Certificate

  • Language Related Degree

  • Language Related Diploma

  • Any other qualification that we may require from time to time

This applies from tomorrow.

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