2018 Civil Contract Office Requirements

Onsite office verification visits are starting, and one client asked for an itemised summary of the requirements, so we thought we would bung it on here too.

Most bids require and office with “permanent presence”

The Office must be open and physically accessible to Clients and/or members of the public for at least 7 hours between 8am and 8pm every day from Monday to Friday

Office requirements

  • a building which is suitable to cater for the needs of your Clients and personnel
  • satisfy all relevant Health and Safety legislation
  • the Quality Standards and Service Standards of this Contract and to protect Client confidentiality and comply with the requirements of Good Industry Practice.
  • waiting facilities and at least one private interview room which allows Client confidentiality to be protected.
  • a secure location suitable for the storage of Client files
  • have the appropriate equipment to deliver services and be suitable to undertake work to progress a Client’s case


Hotels, vehicles and other temporary or movable locations do not count as Offices for these purposes

Here is a printable copy – 2018 Civil Contract Office requirements – any questions just pick up the phone.

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