Addendum (to my masterwork “SP on Contract Notices”) 

I spend a significant amount of time, on the phone, “counselling” clients about Contract Notices. They are usually both angry and worried – often sweary too! I reassure them about the totally devalued nature of these unappealable affronts to common sense (you’ve heard the full advice before but if you need to have this conversation […]

A Note from JRS Andalucía 

Those unfamiliar with my working practices may not know that I now spend about 6 months a year doing my JRS stuff from southern Spain. This is our third spring down here and we will remain until late May or early June. This has worked without hitch for 2 years, indeed the internet speed and […]

Take on Me 

You probably remember Weezer from “Buddy Holly” You will also probably remember the iconic video to Ah Ha’s “Take on Me”. Well the former have recently done a covers album (under pressure to record Toto’s “Africa” apparently) which includes the latter and its really good and really fun.

Dylan Thomas 

Two of my favourite albums of recent years have been “Salutations” by Conor Oberst and “Stranger in the Alps” by Phoebe Bridgers. They have now joined forces as “Better Oblivion Community Center” (stupid name) and have released an excellent eponymous album from which this comes.


This is exquisite so I can’t wait for a proper video to turn up.

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