Como el Agua

Lack of live music is probably the biggest downsides of living in Spain. We usually get a bit of pub rock on a Friday night but that’s about it – except Flamenco.

We don’t have a comparative shared folk culture and so it’s easy not to understand it – especially if all you have experienced are tourist targeted dance exhibitions. Here we have 2 bars with regular live music, this year’s addition, Caragato, does so every Saturday night to a predominantly young local audience. The quality is astonishing most of the guitar playing breath-taking and this in a just a small town in the middle of the countryside. We have come to love it even if we don’t understand a word.

The performance area has a full canvass portrait of this guy. From up the road near Cadiz he is a local hero who died young. This remains a commonly played song.

We return to the UK next week with tickets for Elbow and Belle and Sebastian lined up, we will however miss out Saturday nights here.


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