Xmas Closing 

Well this feels very strange this year, not least as the office is already shutdown! We are as usual however going to be “closed” from 23rd December until Monday 4th January 2021. In the meantime if you have any urgent problems you can contact Simon on the usual number – 07970 494805. Emails will only […]

My Wandering Days Are Over 

New live album, “What to Look For in Summer” from long time favourites Bell & Sebastian is out today – this is from it. Run to the record shop as fast as you feet will carry you.

Late November 

I have a Sandy Denny day once a year, usually in autumn to reflect the mood of most of her writing. No one since has sung like her. This is one of the few live recordings and seems apt.


I heard this for the first time in ages yesterday, probably my favourite Weller song, and what a performance. Missing live music “so bad”.


I have 3 songs in my library called Georgia take your pick:     Then there are the other ones you are thinking about:  

Anthropic (Cold Times) 

Only came across this yesterday first release from Hilang Child’s second album due out in January

One More Second 

This is from Matt Berniger’s (The National) first and very good solo album.

Can I Believe You 

So “Shore” came out of a clear blue sky last week and is outstanding. This is not even my favourite track but it comes with this excellent video.

Holy Show 

Out of the blue two exceptional albums arrived this week; the glorious “Shore” by Fleet Foxes and “In Waiting” the stunning debut from Pillow Queens. Given the latter more need the career defining boost gifted to a JRS Friday Song here they are.

Solid Ground 

This is a fantastic version and video from a very deserved Mercury Music prize winner. We should have seen him in Vienna this year but I don’t know if you’ve heard about this Covid thing which is going around?

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