2022 Standard Criminal Contract Verification.

As we approach the end of January we are just a month from 2022 Standard Criminal Contract Verification. Firms, especially new suppliers, should by now be making progress in order towards this task. The deadline for this is 27th March 2022 and previous experience suggests that this might be a short and quite stressful process. Ideally you should be ready to verify your bid very shortly after receipt of your contract award in “late February”. You will have to provide:

  1. SRA Authorisation number (if not provided in the original bid)
  • Proof of SQM or Lexcel Accreditation (SQM desktop audit outcome for new starters)
  • Legal Aid account number (if not provided in the original bid)
  • Office address and postcode (if not provided in the original bid)
  • Declaration for at least 1 full-time employed supervisor (attached for your information)

Your office need not yet be open and your proposed supervisor does not yet need to be employed however both must be your intentions for contract start in October 2022.

The verification process will begin after your contract award in late February. We will be able to assist in checking and communicating this information to the LAA at that point. If you need any advanced assistance with please use the following contact details:

  • 1 or 2 please ring Andy Bean on 07970 290036
  • 3 – 4 please ring Simon Pottinger on 07970 494805
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