Steve Barnes (Guest DJ) writes: Congratulations to the two “Yorkshire” clubs succeeding in the play-offs, and, because I feel I should leave the Leeds choice up to Simon upon his return, here is a song from London 0 Hull 4:


Steve Barnes writes: Is there anyone out there. . . . who has received their USERNAME and PASSWORD detail for the new LSC ONLINE Billing System? If so, please can you let us know, the latest we have heard is that they will be issued some time from now until Friday 9th. Please contact Steve […]

The End of the Peer Show 

Sandra Dolly writes: Independent Lawyer – July/August 2007 Issue – pages 8 & 9: “Peer Reviewers are on the brink of revolt as they fear that the quality monitoring process has been ‘hijacked’ and that they are being ‘used’”. DOH!

A Sustainable Future? LSC’s October Changes [3 CPD] 

While Mr Pottinger is at a place in the sun we are very very busy in Middlesbrough, promoting our next round of JRS CPD Training Events. Simon’s September UK Tour will cover Leeds/Bradford, Gateshead/Newcastle, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London. As this is once again such a crucial time for Legal Aid suppliers I have added […]

Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme 

Another CLSA Bulletin just received: 17 July 2007 Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme The LSC has published a consultation paper in respect of the proposed implementation of the Litigator Graduated Fee Scheme. The paper can be found at A web based calculator has been put together to allow firms to calculate the impact of these […]

CLSA – Invitation to members who are owners of London firms 

We received this bulletin from the CLSA today: Invitation to CLSA members who are owners of London firms Wednesday 25th July 2007 6.00-8.00pm Main Hall – Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1 tube: Holborn A meeting to discuss legal aid issues and to ascertain the extent of common agreement as between criminal law […]

LAPG – Press Release 

We have just received the following Press Release: Monday 16 July 2007 Hudson boosts his legal aid team A boost to the Law Society’s legal aid team was announced today with the appointment of Richard Miller, currently Chief Executive of the Legal Action Practitioners Group (LAPG), to the post of Law Society Legal Aid Manager. […]

New JRS Civil Cost Drafting Service 

For many years we have routinely had to respond negatively to requests to undertake civil cost drafting. Put simply, we have the expertise and experience in the Criminal field, but not elsewhere. It is with some excitement therefore that we are now able to offer such a service. If you are interested, or have just […]


More from the LAPG: The Legal Aid Practitioners Group today accused the Ministry of Justice of

Family Fees in October 

LAPG comment on the family paper issued by the LSC on Friday: Director Richard Miller said, “The revised family proposals show clear signs of the LSC having listened to the profession’s concerns. The willingness to defer introduction of the private law proposals for work after the issue of proceedings, in order to have further discussions […]