Well it’s time for me to say goodbye. 27 years after starting JRS, I’m retiring. I’m not disappearing completely but will not be “operational” after the end of March. I’ve decided against penning a lengthy reminiscence piece, which nobody would read. Instead I just want to thank the hundreds of sensational firms I’ve worked with […]

2022 Criminal Contract Verification Final Check 

As you will know the final deadline for submission is Sunday 27/3/22. Today is however the last day we are able to assist firms with this. We are not available this weekend. Currently there are significant delays in the LAAs response to sent messages and you are very much not alone if you have not […]

2022 Standard Criminal Contract Verification. 

As we approach the end of January we are just a month from 2022 Standard Criminal Contract Verification. Firms, especially new suppliers, should by now be making progress in order towards this task. The deadline for this is 27th March 2022 and previous experience suggests that this might be a short and quite stressful process. […]

Xmas Contact Details 

We start our usual Xmas shutdown today. Email will be checked but if you can hold off until the New Year we’d be really grateful. Simon – 07970 494805 and Andy – 07970 290036 can be contacted in an emergency. We hope that you all get a well-deserved break and have a great time. Back […]

2022 Crime Contract 

The LAA have published their “headline Intentions” regarding the 2022 Crime Contract you can read them here. The key point is that “we anticipate the tender will open in October 2021”. We will, as previously be offering both a bid completion and checking service which we anticipate will once again be busy. If you want […]

Pre-Charge Engagement 

The LAA are amending the 2017 Criminal Contract Specification from 7/6/21 see here. This will introduce a new fee for “Pre-Charge Engagement” for solicitors who act on behalf of suspects engaged in this process, these will be remunerated on an hourly rates basis with an upper costs limit of £273.75. Details are at Specification 9.113. […]

Covid Contingency Measures 

Chances are you have received recent communication from the LAA concerning Covid Contingency arrangements with regard to Office and Supervisor requirements. This appears to be a national exercise. This relates to this document which confirms certain allowable relaxation of contractual rules. It asks you to confirm if you are relying on any of the temporary […]

Who’s Tracking “Track and Trace”? 

There are many reasons why one might become angry about the “track and trace” controversy. You might simply feel that “consultants” fees are too high! Much of my work involves assisting firms who have been subject to retrospective contract compliance audits which have an explicit aim of recouping mis or over-claimed fees. This is, of […]


Strange Celeste was the stand out performer on our enforced New Year’s Eve watch of Jools Holland. This is a stunning performance from last year’s Brits of a track from her recently released debut album.

Complaince Matters 10 

If you have yet to download the latest issue of our news sheet “Compliance Matters” here it is. It’s a lockdown special! Happy reading.