Autumn Migration 

We commence the second part of our working-in-Spain experiment on Thursday. As before we are travelling to Andalucía over 3-days, giving me a temporary break from the e-portal. I will be off phone divert however so, coverage issues aside, it might prove a good time to have a chat. Normal service will resume on Monday […]

Song That I Heard 

I have been completely enchanted by The Barr Brothers since a magical evening at the Westgarth Social club, Middlesbrough in August 2013. The new, 3rd album, “Queens of the Breakers” is excellent with this a live version of one of the stand out tracks.


It is that Twisterella time of year again. Cape Cub contributed a solo set to the Grenfell Tower benefit I played at earlier in the year. He was brilliant and I am definitely going to see the full band version tomorrow. Couple of spare tickets if you would like to be JRS corporate guests.  

2018 Civil Bid Round Update 

We have begun assisting firms complete their bids and can confirm that this is as simple an exercise as they have run in recent years. If, however you still would like our assistance could we give you a gentle prod to contact Jayne on 01642 225553 to book an appointment. Whilst 10th November may seem […]

2018 Civil Bid Round: Webinar Training 

We are repeating last week’s 2018 Civil Bid Round Webinar. So if you could not be with us last Friday here are the details: 1-hour Webinar session, 1pm Friday 29th September – £70 + Vat This will cover: The “Bid Rules” – that is the requirements of the Information for Applicants for the Selection Criteria […]

2018 Civil Contract Bid Round 

The long awaited Civil Bid round is now open. Bids for mainstream, face-to-face (F2F) contracts, in the following areas are now possible: Family; Housing, Debt and Welfare Benefits; Immigration and Asylum (including work at Immigration Removal Centres (“IRCs”)); Mental Health; Community Care; Claims Against Public Authorities (formerly known as ‘Actions Against the Police etc’); Clinical […]

Day I Die 

Whenever I hear something by The National I always really like it, I particularly remember a November afternoon in a Reykjavik bar when they played a whole album through. Despite that I have never really become become a wholehearted fan – perhaps this autumn I’ll make an effort with the back catalogue. This is new […]

Could Not Make it Up 

The 2018 Civil Contract bid round has not even opened yet and we already have the follow confusion: Please note: the Cabinet Office has introduced a new Selection Questionnaire (SQ) which replaces the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). LAA tender documentation therefore refers to the SQ. However, the eTendering system has not yet been updated to reflect […]

CRM 12 Time 

By now Criminal suppliers should have received the email we reproduce below, from the LAA. Our reading of this is that you only need to submit a CRM 12 if you seek to make amendments to your Duty Solicitor allocations – new DSs, departing DSs and changes between schemes for those with branch offices. Most […]

Kindling (Fickle Flame) 

Some say that Nick Cave and Kylie’s “Where the Wild Roses Grow” is the best rock/pop duet of all time. I am a sucker for anything by Aaron Neville and Linda Rondstadt. Then you have Robert Plant’s fabulous project with Alison Krauss not forgetting him and Sandy Denny combining on Led Zeppelin’s “Battle of Evermore”. […]