Plus ça Change 

This issue is back, yet again: Dear XXXX, There is no precise guidance on the point and certainly none which supports the LAAs determination that a second reference is required on a further matter developing out of an initial DSCC referral. The only “logging” requirements are contained here and solely relate to matters NOT originally […]

Maybe a Moment 

Sorry, missed a couple of weeks due to a wedding and the last ever Grovestock. This is one of my favourites, Justin Townes Earle, back on top form with an excellent new album “Kids in the Street”

From The Ashes 

We thought we had this fettled in November 14 so I’ve decided to try a different approach: Sadly due to the passage of time, the ageing process and the shear volume of events of this nature the firm can only recall, rather than definitively confirm, that this appeal was successful. Perhaps the LAA’s records are […]

A Look in the Mirror 

A couple of weeks ago a close friend rang me in a bit of a state. His 16-year-old daughter had been accused of a serious criminal offence in her workplace. He was, of course, seeking a recommendation of a local criminal firm to represent her at a police interview the next day. She was, equally […]

Friday Song Special 

Once again I am banging the drum about the sheer quality and variety of live music on show in the UK – it is not hard to find. Britain has got amazing talent however it’s currently somewhere other than on prime time TV. Last Saturday, with 10-days notice, Cleveland FBU put on a benefit for […]

I Promise 

I plugged perhaps the last major hole in my live band bucket list last year when we went to see Radiohead in Lisbon. It is hard to believe that OK Computer is 20 years old and is now subject to a 2 CD deluxe reissue. This is from the extras disc which will be dropping […]

Moonshine Freeze 

Adore this, the title track from the forthcoming album by “This is the Kit” – nothing more to say really

Underside of Power 

I am cueing this up on Thursday afternoon as I will be in the car tomorrow morning. Algiers are another BBC 6 Music discovery hailing from Atlanta GA. I love the northern soul feel to this and suspect it might just capture my mood this Friday morning.

Peer Review: A Cautionary Tale 

There appears to be a serious attempt underway to breath life back into the Peer Review scheme. I have a number of objections to this not least that it was conceived at a time before the massive cuts in fees made participation in a file beauty parade utterly unviable. But that’s not important right now. […]

Secret Squirrel 

I have had a number of clients become embroiled in disputes with the LAA over 2017 Contract office requirements, which they are rigidly enforcing. It has even involved Contract Managers playing “Secret Squirrel” and making unannounced visits to branch offices. Below is a reminder of the main requirements but remember that there are also some […]