Let’s Go Out Tonight 

It has been drawn to my attention that it is 30, yes 30 years since “Hats” by The Blue Nile was released. Picking a favourite track is almost impossible but this is exquisite.

My Life 

I have downloads and playlists stuffed with all the best latest releases, blind to genres and never influenced by fashion. As you can probably see from this site. And then over the credits of another harrowing episode of Handmaids Tale comes the unmistakable voice of a long lost favourite, singing a breathtaking song you have […]

White Noise White Heat 

Elbows new album “Giants of All Sizes” is out today and I am on an initial listen as I type – first impressions  – very good. So here is another sample.


I don’t really buy albums anymore and stream things that I like, often just single tracks to playlists. This means I had more stuff from more Mercury Prize short listers than for quite some time, including this from the winner. (Explicit)

Olympic Girls 

A few years ago now we got to see Tiny Ruins in a tiny venue in Halifax and they were excellent. This is the title track of her latest which we are listening to up against the new and highly recommended Lana Del Ray album and I think it is way better.

Mercy Mercy Me 

#ClimateStrike special – only one choice really

Stay High 

This is Brittnay Howard off of the Alabama Shakes solo thing. Pretty good.


We got to see Elbow recently and this was the track they played from the forthcoming new album “Giants of All Sizes”.

Don’t Cling to Life 

This, from The Murder Capital, is blinding. It reminds me of the much missed Chapman Family

Designated Area Fees 

We have had a lot of phone traffic this week about designated area standard fees especially in our heartlands of West Yorkshire. So thought we would share what we put together for one client. There is no definitive guidance to which I can refer you and these fees were never created for the wasteland that […]