Leave Alone the Empty Spaces 

Shed a tear that “I Am Kloot” are no more. Then raise a glass to their front man John Bramwell’s excellent new solo effort “Leave Alone the Empty Spaces”. This is a live version of the title track.

Generation L(ost) 

It is a fantastic day for new releases including Belle & Sebastian, The Manics and local Teesside favourites Cape Cub – new singles and EPs available at all the modern outlets. I am going with this however, another 6 Music find, by LA Salami.

Primavera Negra 

On Thursday we begin our second annual migración de primavera. I will be doing my JRS stuff from southern Spain for the next 3 months so don’t be put off by a continental ring tone I am working as usual and am NOT on holiday. To set the tone here is a lovely bit of […]

Nothing Has to Be True 

This is from the excellent new First Aid Kit album “Ruins”.


This weeks news was just so sad. There was a period where, by a long way, theirs were the 2 most played CD in our house, as they will be this weekend.

Peer Review Webinars 

There has been a lot of Peer Review activity recently and it is likely that you will know at least one local firm who have received an assessment. Quite why the LAA have revived, in a somewhat “cut down” version, an audit tool which they determined was only for use as a “risk management tool”, […]

International Blue 

A New Year and something great and new from the Manics. What more could you ask for? UPDATE I jumped the gun – here is the official video.   FURTHER UPDATE And now have a listen to the Bluer Skies acoustic version stunning

I’ll Be Your Pilot 

Belle & Sebastian are releasing a set of 3 back-to-back EPs “How to Solve our Human Problems”. This is the latest release from Volume II.


We have seen some truly fantastic flamenco in our local music bars this tour, which has transformed my view of the genre. We came across this guy being played in one of those bars, on a non live music night, whilst downing a couple of buckets of gin. Today we are packing to begin the […]

Motion Sickness 

Pheobe Bridgers album “Stranger in the Alps” showed up on BBC 6 Music album of the year this week. It is certainly worthy of inclusion and is getting heavily listened to in the JRS Espana office.