More Questions than Answers 

Regulars will know that we have been watching the proposals for changes to cost appeals for some time now. Yesterday saw the first indication that these are being implemented. I was instructed to represent a client at a CC regarding a significant reduction on a CDS 7. The firm have been told however that the […]

In Search of Enhancement 

I am off to do the Cost Committee hearing on the first of these appeals, (the one involving two officers). I am hoping that it will be another 3 minute hearing. The firm only claimed enhancement for trial preparation and advocacy, which went to two days. It involved a detailed “no case to answer” submission […]

Against All Odds 

In the last two weeks I have written/prepared two appeals to Cost Committee on reduced CDS 7 claims. Both coincidentally involve clients ultimately acquitted of assault charges against police officers. The officers in both matters (two in one, 6 in the other) are effectively caught out lying. The first attendance note on the latter remarks […]

Friday Songs 

I have expressed my pessimism about the chances of making successful Peer Review representations before. I’ve just had a call saying that our most recent appeal (and strongest to date) has failed. I have taken to reading out some of the findings which are deemed “major areas of concern”, to training delegates. Generally to incredulity. […]

Strange Town 

Have just had a call regarding a forthcoming Cost Committee hearing raising an issue recently encountered with the new Mental Health cost assessment unit. In both cases the Commission are insisting that the appeals be heard out of region – Liverpool for MH and London for Immigration. This can’t be right can it? Has anyone […]

The LSC Making Life Unnecessarily Hard Standing Committee 

Over the years we have moved from pencil, hand-written booklets through various forms of electronically produced reports to the current version of CCA documentation. As I start on my third or fourth appeal based on the latest paper work I cannot understand how they have arrived at this format unless they have spent weeks in […]

Eyes Down for a Full House 

Steve is with me today and we are working on two of the four appeals currently occupying minds here in Middlesbrough, I have, yet again, an immigration CCA containing the usual heady mix of lack of evidence of means and arguments about the time taken to prepared trial bundles. There is a further sample of […]

Oh To Be In The Right 

I know there have been a couple of cryptic posts recently and that this is another one but its just so nice to be told when you are right and the LSC is “wrong”. This a finding on the consideration of a PoP by Cost Appeal Committee. What is interesting is that no PoP was […]

Cross my Palm with Silver 

I wish we had been doing this blog thing for years. It allows you sagely to add a little blue link back to a particularly perspicacious article. Unfortunately the prediction which currently seems to be coming true predates my conversion to cyberspace, so you will just have to take my slightly (and regretfully) smug word […]

Not all Good News 

Posts here about Contract Compliance Appeals tend to be a bit triumphalist. This is hardly surprising given that we win in excess of 80% of those in which we are instructed. So by way of balance today we have been notified of one of the small percentage of failures. I do spot a number of […]