Stop me if you’ve heard this before 

With a sinking heart I have to report two more depressing calls in the last few hours. The first is from a further firm caught in the “reduce PACE costs” corporate target – an examination of all recent investigation claims is to follow. He was particularly miffed having given up 2 days of the weekend […]

Sods Law 

Minutes after posting the entry below lo and behold the phone goes. It?s a client with a Peer Review request. Not the full scheme but part of the ?research project?. This involves a sample of private law children act matters only, and not a stratified sample. Disturbingly there are a high (and disproportionate) number of […]

A Jury of Your Peers 

The LSC have finally called our bluff. Many of us have made the not unreasonable observation that all pre existing assessment methods are not qualitative. We are now faced with the “gold standard” of quality assessment – file review by specially selected fellow lawyers. Boxed into this corner how to respond? The LAPG make some […]