Carry on Communicating 

As promised revised standard letters are now available in the resources section of this site. (Scroll down to the bottom). Use them wisely!

Early Warning 

Andy is in the ‘Boro today finalising changes to our standard letters etc. necessitated by the October civil changes. They now require the skilled formatting hand of Sandra and then they have to go all the way to Scotland to be put into the resources link on the sidebar. You should be able to download […]

And Don’t Forget.. 

We have had a few calls about Civil forms today so for the avoidance of doubt, if you have not had a Masterpack update yet, you can get all the new forms and new October 07 versions on the LSC website. Here is a link to the new batch of Contracting Forms. Use these and […]

In Transition 

One of last weeks areas of friction, as you may well recollect, was with regard to the reporting of September 07 Civil Contract work. It was a late in the day document regarding transitional arrangements which sparked the concern. This stated, contrary to what we to then thought to be the case, that paper claims […]

Taking His Life in His Own Hands 

As you can probably imagine we have had a bit of an ear bending over the phone regarding the October changes. Confusion reigns (watch for further news here today regarding Online billing for instance!). A major gap in recent training (ours and theirs) has been lack of direct practical guidance on billing/reporting – not helped […]

Going Underground 

Having had a few queries about the move to mandatory electronic billing here is a link to the LSC guidance and below is a key area of current client concern: How will these changes affect current LSC Online users? It is important to us that these changes do not negatively impact on your ability to […]

Civil Round Up 

As we reach the end of the current training tour I think it is worth reinforcing certain point especially those which have cropped up most commonly in recent phone traffic. The new forms have begun to dribble through – I have a new CLS Claim 1A and an EC Claim 1 in front of me […]

Training Tour Update 

Lets get straight to the chase. Personal Injury is an “exclusive” franchise category. There is no “tolerance” standard fee for Legal Help work under the new scheme. You can therefore not do CICA claims, without a PI franchise, from October.

Have We Reached Level 2 Yet? 

One of the side benefits of training tours, in addition to the odd bit of juicy gossip, is a chance to get a feel for issues of concern to the profession and to get a first feel for likely unforeseen consequences of LSC proposals. As ever, from the speakers vantage point, it is always interesting […]

Get Your Skates On 

Sorry, this has passed us by (we don’t get the same correspondence suppliers get). You seemingly have until this Friday, 31st August, to make your last ever claim for Civil File Review. The claim should contain all actual claims from 1st October 2006 plus an estimate of any others yet to be done before 30th […]