Move Along, Move Along, Nothing To See Here 

We thought the addition of the “What’s New” front page to the LSC Web-site was a good idea; one central place where you can find the latest publications without the need for a detailed search of the site. Consequently, being the anorak I am, I check it most days. Today, nothing new. Or perhaps not. […]


I am preparing my September Training course. It predominantly deals with changes to the civil scheme, though will touch on issues relevant to CDS firms. The Unified contract is now in force for Civil firms (with further changes due in October) and will impact on Criminal Defence practitioners next April. One of the changes is […]

Strategic Thinking 

“We remain firmly committed to introducing fixed fees to cover certificated private family work, including the final hearing, as soon as is practical and we urge lawyers to make early preparation for this.” (Emphasis mine). Early preparation? What like moving out of legal aid work?

Tricks With Mirrors? 

I do not have time to Fisk the latest claims of an expanding CLS from the LSC. Fortunately Mr Miller is on hand to help out. LAPG response to LSC press release. Director Richard Miller said, “While it is good news that the number of people being helped is rising, the extent of the help […]

County Court System in “Chaos” 

The BBC are runining this story quite heavily today. Marilyn Stowe has just been on Five Live reinforcing the Judges views and also contributing that the crisis in Legal Aid is not helping. A cheery distraction from Carter don’t you think?

Football Results 

If the letters QPR put you in mind of his favourite football team you can be excused. If this is the case have a quick look here. You might however, like me, find this a little short on interpretative detail. This more so if you have a couple of asterisks against the numbers in the […]


Would you like an increase in Civil contract rates somewhere between 20-37% and the ability to reconcile you contract to 85%? Thought of becoming a Not for Profit Organisation (NfP)? Perhaps on Solicitor rates you already are!!


Regulars here will know that we refer to our CPD training activities as “shouting”. If therefore you have been a recent “shoutee” you will possibly remember our advice to maintain a log of rejected and refused applications for substantive legal aid certificates (family and civil). There is, of course, a related CMRC indicator and now, […]


If you have heard me shouting (training in JRS speak) regarding Carter you might recall my mention of the congruence with the training market. By this I refer to the delivery of Government training initiatives aimed at assisting the unemployed into work. I have a mate who has done this for years and have watched […]

Just a Little TFF 

Our phones, if not quite on fire, have been at least warmed through with the latest round of Tailored Fixed Fee (TFF) amendments. Those today involve reductions in the ongoing fee because annual average reporting has dropped by over 20%. If its happened to you and you want to talk about possible angles of defence […]