Raiders of the Lost Web Site 

Andy Bean writes: After a long search by many, Sandra (Indiana Jones) Ozturk has finally unearthed the newly released Legal Help & Graduated Fee Rates for cases started on or after 1st July from the LSC’s website: Download file (right-click the link and ‘save target as’ to save onto your PC). Our Civil Handouts will […]

Fancy That 

Steve is also now in the ‘Boro with a damaged car (not his fault). He has been helping firms register Online and discovered this on the LSC Online site: “We are also producing a tool that can be used in Microsoft Excel to aid the creation of bulk load files”. Keep up guys! “Tipping the […]

Enemy Fire 

I have today renamed one of the trays, in the bank behind me, “Autorec Ongoing”. With the number of skirmishes growing daily it seems to make sense. The issue in the last day or so relates to the oft discussed “7.5% balance of payments pull forward”, issue. We have seen some interesting proposals and comments […]

Play For Today 

Setting – a solicitors office Autumn 2007 Autorecbot: We need to reduce your SMP by

Clone War Spreads 

I had not expected such a swift notification of a similar incident. The major similarity is the cursory nature of the notification and the emphasis placed on the lack of “discretion” available. Phone negotiation demonstrated similar inflexibility despite there being unambiguous evidence of lack of a need for an SMP reduction. Be under no illusions […]

More War Stories 

We have predicted the demise of the Preferred Supplier Scheme and its replacement with an age of “more proactive contract management”. With this the proposed, central “can do”, “soft skilled” human engine for these developments – the “Relationship Manager” – becomes a mere chimera* from a previous epoch. In the light of recent events nobody […]

The Chamber of Secrets 

We have mentioned a number of times our intention to have an Online CMRF (and CDS 6) Wizard in place for compulsory electronic billing this Autumn. If you have not come across the requirement yet your November reporting of your October Civil Contract work (controlled work) has to be submitted online. Having got an Online […]

History Today 

The “goin’ back in time” theme continues with calls about UPOA and CCA taking up most of my air time this morning. I mentioned the former last week because the Law Society are taking an interest in it. As it has raised its ugly head in our world again I would be very grateful for […]

More Goin’ Back In time 

Just spotted this Law Society initiative regarding UPOA (unrecouped payments on account) and thought it deserved an airing here. Follow the link and answer the questionnaire if you have been affected.

But Two Does… 

Hot on the heels of yesterdays autorecbot sighting comes a second. Similar in content, this must mean we are now in a period of auto reconciliation activity. Please take the necessary evasive action.