One Autorecbot does not a Summer Make 

Somewhat differently to the second part of this post we have had our first genuine Autorecbot sighting of the year. Much as last year it involves hassling firms slightly under the 90% reporting threshold to agree reductions, however small, in their SMPs. From the tone of my last conversation it seems that they intend to […]

Is it just me? 

I am in the middle of two or three appeals against savage reductions to Crown Court bills, one of which looks likely to go the full distance. Yesterday evening we received instructions regarding a further case where the reduction is two thirds. Is this a developing theme? SP

Taxing Time 

Is it just me or is the taxation and assessment process getting harsher? Certainly my anecdotal evidence is backed up by that of a couple of clients and a recently published SCCO case report. That said another corespondent reports a good decision under the new LSC appeals process. Let us know you experiences.

I Had A Dream 

Longer ago than I care to remember we spotted the move towards remote monitoring based on contract reporting data. (It was an intelligent spot about which we are really quite smug). At the time, and I do not think this has much changed, there was not a single proprietary brand of accounts software which provided […]

Competition Time 

I have just faxed a copy of CRIMLA 12 (available here in the Points of Principle Manual) to a client appealing a CDS 7 determination. For those of you equally sick and tired of one-line justifications for reductions, especially regarding enhancement, which never engage with your special features submissions, this is one we perhaps should […]

Further Sightings 

I am preparing correspondence to this Autorecbot seeking an early reinstatement of a clients SMPs. Interestingly in this case the “overpayment” is almost exactly the same as the first contract payment made in 2001. I have commented previously about how this was then described as an “interest free loan” and that now the bailiffs have […]

Go Slow of the Clones 

We have had encountered more Autorecbot activity this morning (yes 105% balance of payments reconciliations rather than 107.5%) I then spotted this. Read the bit on civil bills. The two key phrases are: “we have an obligation to manage our cash flow within our resources at the end of the financial year” and “you will […]

Yesterdays Solution 

The answer to yesterdays last question, in essence how little per month will the LSC reduce a Standard Monthly Payment to help massage figures for the DCA? Yesterday we heard of a firm who will receive a reduction of

Autorecbots are Green 

This theme will just not go away. One of those battling it out on the front line reports a pyric victory today by achieving a 7.5% positive “balance of payments” figure. He did not however succeed in avoiding a reduced SMP by gaining allowance for all the costs on CDS 7s in the system awaiting […]

Normal Service Resumed 

After posting this yesterday my very next client call obviously had to redress the balance. We have been discussing this issue quite a bit here. In brief the LSC are chasing firms, often on a monthly basis, to try and effect a 100% reconciliation of contracts by the end of March this year. (This despite […]

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