Market InStability Measures 

Our comments yesterday with regard to the Market stability Measures and in particular, the Police Station Duty Slot allocation have proven correct. One mouse mat is presently being despatched to our Bradford clients, who, after a number of telephone calls, managed to obtain the letter from the LSC (yet another one from Derek Hill) confirming […]


STOP PRESS We understand from speaking to our clients that a letter is to be sent to all Crime Practitioners

Horses for Courses 

Steve Barnes writes: Given that the Grand National is imminent

And Still Counting 

Further to this post yesterday we have now heard of serious problems in four regions, London, West Midlands, Yorkshire & Humberside and the North West. The LSC have acknowledged there is a problem in at least two of these. Use the comments box to let us know of your experience and DO check your allocation.

Abacus Time 

Has anybody had recent experience of Duty Solicitor compliance exercises being run by the LSC? (We know about Bradford). If you have we would be grateful for a comment, a call or an e-mail.

Confused – You Will Be 

Here we thanked the LSC, primarily for putting us on the online marketing list rather than for the immediate content of the first e-mail (CDS form updates). We do not recant that thanks but…. Why oh why oh why do they have to release a further amended CDS 17 only a few days later. It […]

Surplus to Requirements? 

Yesterdays last post on the PDS was admittedly lazy. Since then I have had the opportunity to consider this. If you can’t be bothered reading the whole thing all you really need is the first sentence: “The Public Defender Service (PDS) provides a better quality of service than private practice according to independent research published […]

Robbing Hood 

The response does however confirm that they should, in crime at least, provide a “positive balance of 7.5%”. This is a quote from this post below. Today we had a rare visitor to the pulsing heart of the JRS Empire – Queensway House. She was a somewhat perplexed visitor having just been told by her […]

CDS6 Wizard Generator v4 [Offline] 

Sandra writes: Please note our CDS6 Generator has been updated for November reporting and is now available on this site: scroll down the left hand side and click on the link ‘Reports, Forms and Brochures’. Keep moving down the document list until you see the heading

9 out of 10 Cats 

Friend of this site, Andrew Keogh over at Crimeline, has been testing the profession’s feelings about means testing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, here is the conclusion: “Following repeated assertions by the legal aid minister Vera Baird and Derek Hill (DCA) that means testing was working well, CrimeLine decided to carry out a survey of its members. 89% […]