File Review Claims 

Contrary to the Manchester Regional office’s advice, payment for File Review remains under the Unified Civil Contract. You therefore need to complete your annual FR1 Return form shortly and submit before the end of October. [SP]

Bin the Swear Box? 

We (well only me really) agree entirely.

More to Follow 

Is there anyone out there who wants to give me a bit of off the cuff advice on intellectual property.

Can I Just Say… 

This is JUST PLAIN WRONG. And I do not care, Phil Spencer, if “it’s all based on official data” you and your smug, self satisfied, southern based researchers are badly mistaken. (The quality of their “research” is demonstrated by the fact that the refer to the town as a “city”). If you want the sweary […]

Call Centre Morning 

Out of the blue this morning has been one of back to back calls, especially from Manchester for some reason. Billing enquiries, unlawful Autorecbot activity and, as below, CDS contracting queries etc. etc. I still have two calls to return. With a bit of luck I might get back to Course writing later!


The joy of Sky plus makes, the otherwise dull, Monday night a festival of last weeks recorded comedy. Amongst the usual, “Earl”, “Mitchell & Webb”, last night was the first of a new series called “Comedy Showcase” – this starring Martin Freeman out of the Office. It was OK however the programme lit up when […]

All Quiet on the North Eastern Front 

I have just realised that my immersion in the next training course, and learning my new version of Powerpoint, has distracted me from posting here. That said there is not much going on today. Couple of phone enquiries, some punters in search of training and one potential new start criminal practice. A day without a […]

A Senseless Waste of “Innocent” Alien Life? 

I have neither the energy, nor frankly the inclination, to do a lengthy post about the day I have had thanks to our Beneficent Robotic OverlordsTM. To give a view of my mood however I can tell you that my evening will involve the following two therapeutic activities: This and later this. I might even […]

You Lose some…. You Win Some 

I have been bent over t’internet all day awaiting a further announcement regarding CDS contracts in January. This was anticipated mid morning but at 15.45 it is still a no show. I will not risk testing my memory of the call which alerted me to this event, so you will have to wait on tenterhooks […]

Back to College 

Over the years we have done very little work with the Bar. I do occasionally get invited to provide a little background information to one set of Chambers from Leeds. And so it was that this led me to my old stamping ground at the weekend. I never participated in that “frat brat” college rivalry […]