New Technology 

This is my first WiFi post from the replacement laptop (which with a bit of fiddling also works with the new data projector). Seems to do this too! The Birmingham crowd were lively yesterday too leaving me with that brains sucked out feeling at the end of the afternoon. As ever it is the questions […]

Tour Bus 

Today Birmingham, Thursday Manchester. Work on couple of CCA appeals and a new Peer Review representations in between. As I said before a training tour just reels in other work subject to deadlines. To finish off this necessarily short post just to confirm (as we could to the Newcastle delegates) we also begin work on […]

Time to Have Your Say 

I recently asked for a definition of the phrase – “concerns raised during recent engagement with our stakeholders”. It looks like there will be a formal round of “engagement with stakeholders” begining shortly in the form of a provider survey of LSC performance. I’m sure you will all have plenty to contribute.

Good Bank Holiday? 

We did, and a traditional one too (minus rain!). Had lunch at The Stray Cafe Redcar, View Larger Map then walked the 4 miles or so to Saltburn for a pint outside the Ship Inn at Saltburn. Later we walked back and had Fish n Chips for tea.

Ask Your Hairdresser 

The LSC are trying to attract press attention for CLS Direct. At the bottom of the page they supply three case studies. It is a long time since I did debt casework (nearly 15 years) however I seriously doubt that it will be possible to achieve similar outcomes within the, roughly, 2 and a half […]

Decisions Decisions 

Ham Salad or Cheese and Tomato?


I obviously hate this man however: “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s because they think sardines will be thrown in to the sea”. Eric “the traitor” Cantona

Bit Less Shaggy Dog Update 

For those concerned about the welfare of my recently de-lumped dog she is fine. Got a couple of rather lurid scars and some large shaved patches, but otherwise doing well. In other wildlife news we were visited by three half grown but clearly domesticated ducks yesterday. They have since moved on. UPDATE Have you ever […]

Goin’ Back in Time 

A phrase spoken in a mid 70s, mid-Atlantic accent which confirms the DJ as a total @&*%$

Shaggy Dog Story 

My younger dog “Tabby” has successfully had her lumps removed today – a weekend of whimpering in an Elizabethan collar to follow!